List of programs I use for creating art and illustrations.


List of Art programs I use to create 2D and 3D illustrations and other work.

A few years ago I made this list featuring the programs and applications I use vs the popular paid programs and the free alternatives for each of them.

This list is mostly for artists and illustrators who work in both 2D and 3D, but it also has a few other applications that could make your work easier.

My main Illustration program is Clip Studio Paint (EX), I used to paint a lot in PaintStorm (which I highly recommend) but I have been creating brushes to mimic real media and I also just got too used to paint in Clip Studio Paint that I hardly use anything else these days.

I also highly recommend you use Task Coach if you need to track your progress or if you need to charge per hour on a project,That one is very handy.

Gigapixel AI and Denoise AI are great for up scaling your work or clean them up. I used those to make old art and photo restorations and they work like a charm.

For screen recordings Streamlabs OBS is the best option, is light and easy to configure while also being free. Far, FAR better and convenient than Camtasia.

Picasa is quite an old and abandoned application but I find it much more appealing and modern than any other current similar app, I can visualize my image galleries faster and easier where I can zoom in and out with ease.

I hope you find this selection of applications useful, I will try to cover some of these a bit more in the future.