Space Pirate Girl

This week I learned some insight about why we artists get our creativity burned, so if you work for long periods of time on client work you start burning your creative drive to a point where you don't want to do anything or it gets difficult to resume the job so you start working slower and slower until you skip days and becomes disappointing.

So a way to overcome this is to work on your own art or stuff you would really like to do for yourself before doing work, this way you kind of build a bit of enthusiasm towards your client work.

It's been a really long time since I did something meaningful for myself (it's been about a year), I have been wanting to do a huge deal of stuff but I always put my client's work first and I have been putting my stuff away and it has piled up which it's a reason I'm feeling drained.

So I will change how I work a bit, I will use the first three hours of my daily work into my own art and the rest of the day on my client work and see if that lifts my creative drive again.

Anyway, one of the things I have been wanting to do is re-create some of my old work, these are pieces I like but they are the kind to put in my portfolio, so I want to see how the oldest me, or the current me would make those pieces or characters today, so I want to see them reinterpreted.

About in 2007 I made an image of a girl drifting on a space boat for a children book magazine (Tricolor), this is one of the few I made for that magazine that I really I liked but it's an outdated piece, so I started doing a new sketch today, this time I moved the boat to the left so the character is not looking at the edge of the piece (which is bad) and made it more pirate-ish, so here is the first rough. (and a shot of the original piece).